24 Days of Presents for a Runner – Day 4

by Jenny on December 4, 2011

On the fourth day of presents, LoveEatRun gave to me…..

Gift #4: A Garmin

Garmin watches aren’t exactly a cheap present for a runner but if your runner is a loved one that you are looking to spend a decent amount of money on, this is THE way to go.

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The choices of different Garmins run deep so I recommend checking out the features offered by each to make sure you are purchasing one that is suitable for your runner. You can get them as basic as a timer and watch combo all the way to an in-depth GPS tracker that gives you exact run distances, paces and locations.

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My version of the Garmin is the Forerunner 110. It is perfect for what I need and gives me my current pace, my heart rate (if worn with the heart rate monitor which is sold separate, unless it is noted in the package you purchase the Garmin in), my total distance, my total time, current pace at the conclusion of each mile, lap options and the availability to upload all of the run information into the online tracking program.

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Once I upload the information from a particular run onto the computer, I can see the map of my specific route along with total run information including individual mile splits.

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For any runner that is serious about tracking their performance, the Garmin is the essential tool.

Gift Recap:
1.  iTunes Gift Card
2.  Foam Roller
3.  Bose headphones

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