And He Stikes Again

by Jenny on July 23, 2011

I woke up this morning in Pennsylvania feeling quite hungry. The second Brian said, “good morning!”, my only response was, “I’m hungry!”.

Good thing he loves me! :)

After laying in bed playing Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends (against each other) for a bit, my stomach finally decided it couldn’t take anymore so we made our way to the kitchen for breakfast.


I had NO idea what I wanted to eat and totally forgot that I have a box of my favorite cereal here, which made my decision even harder.


In the end, I went with a little of everything to satisfy every craving I was having.

A cinnamon Alternative Bagel toasted with peanut butter and frozen banana slices on half and Country Crock and raspberry jelly on the other.


On the side I had a bowl of FiberOne Honey Squares (so in love ever since the sample I received at FitBloggin – I killed that box off in a weekend – whoops) with additional frozen banana slices and almond milk.


A breakfast that hit the every spot!


The rest of the morning/afternoon, before Brian had to head to the field, was occupied with running errands and more food.


Lunch at Cali Burrito (what would a trip to Lehigh be without it?!).

I wanted to try something different this time so I went with the falafel burrito bowl which helped me come to a quick decision that I’ll stick with chicken, ground beef or tofu next time!

Salsa of the week was a Peach Ginger Watermelon – right up my alley!

After lunch, Brian dropped me back off at the apartment and I decided to take a little nap…

…that turned into 2 straight hours of this.



Oh well, I guess I needed the R&R!

When I finally got myself back among the living, I headed to the fitness center to get my workout in.


Today’s Saturday run was a decent 5 mile run on the treadmill (waaaay to hot and humid to try outdoors).

I pounded all 5 out in a 44 minutes and change, while reading the August edition of Runner’s World.


I never thought I could run and read, so never really attempted it but now that I know I can, I’m sure any indoor runs will be consumed by it. Seriously made the time fly by!

As for now, I’m off to make a turkey sandwich for dinner and then veg on the couch while watching Brian’s game.

Just add to my lazy Saturday! :)

One more thing to wrap up this Saturday…

The best boyfriend ever struck again.

Look what he managed to round-up while on his last road trip to Pawtucket!


I may make it through marathon training with the stash he has now provided for me!

He seriously has hawk eyes for this gum. I look EVERYWHERE that has gum just to check for the regular (not 2.0) version of it and can never find it – I’m happy he has better luck than me!


Did you have a busy Saturday or use it as a R&R day?

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1 leashieloo July 23, 2011 at 10:28 pm

Today was busyyy, I managed to cram in quite a bit. I want to be lazy tomorrow, but I have to get my house in order. Boo!


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