Crunch Time

by Jenny on July 31, 2012

While Brian and I were in Korea earlier this baseball season, I spent a lot of time focusing on studying for my NASM Personal Trainer Certification. I would read and note take pretty much every morning and my original plan was to take the exam when I returned home for a few weeks in June & July.

However, with the change of direction in Brian’s season, we both left Korea at the end of May and instead of carrying on with my studying and taking the exam then, I got caught up in the new plans that were in store for us and with finalizing a lot of wedding details before I made the short-term move out to OKC.

And now, it’s crunch time my friends. I’m back at my studying with a vengeance!

Today was full of eight straight hours of final flashcard making and text-book review and now it is time to study, study, study my ginormous stack of material (which is not all pictured below!).

I’m happy the writing part is over though – that’s for sure. I forgot just how painful (and messy) holding a pen and taking notes for so long can be!

But for now, studying is done for the day and I plan to sit myself in front of the TV for plenty of Olympic Coverage!


Do you tend to take all the time available to complete a given task or do you tend to get things done as soon as possible?

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