Guest Post – Fact: Catholic School Girls are Awesome.

by Jenny on October 18, 2011

Before I actually started following any healthy living blogs as a regular practice, I stumbled across Morningstar Project because the person behind the blog was a fellow highschool classmate of mine.  I was immediately interested in what Lindsey had to share about her life in Santa Barbara and found myself tuning in to check out her latest posts.

As I continued to get more and more into the blogging community (and even started LoveEatRun), I came to understand more about Lindsey’s passion for blogging and was happy to be back in contact with her.  I can remember roaming the halls of our high school together many years ago and it is nice to be able to still be in tune with each other’s lives, even if it is mostly only through reading each other blogs!

Regardless, I am happy to have Lindsey providing this guest post for you today on just how great Catholic school girls are!


Hi Love, Eat, Run readers! I’m Lindsey from Morningstar Project, where I write about how to find everyday inspiration. Feel free to stop on by and chat, there’s always wine to be had and pretty pictures to look at.

While Jenny is off kicking butt running a marathon (seriously talk about inspiration!) I figure I’d let you in on some secrets about Jenny. Shhh, just between us ok?

In case you didn’t know, I went to high school with Jenny – an all-girls Catholic high school. Uniforms, saddle shoes, ribbons in our hair, and nuns. Oh and lots of church too, we’re all religious like that.

It was kind of like out of the movies, but without all witches randomly showing up (thank you awesomely 90’s movie the Craft) and we didn’t wear knee high socks and super short plaid skirts (courtesy of every single catholic school girl fantasy).

While some of you might be thinking that being surrounded by teenage girls would be worse than sitting through a marathon of Toddles and Tiaras (Ok maybe I sorta like that show but in a I can’t stop watching the train wreck kinda way. Don’t judge). But if you think all-girls high is torture you would be wrong.

It was pretty much awesome.

And since I know you all like lists, here is my top 5 reasons why all girls school rock:

1. Throw out the makeup. The norm at school was uniform, no makeup, hair in a messy bun, and pearl earrings. I spent probably 15 minutes getting ready, 17 minutes if I decided to take a shower that morning. It was glorious. Now I stare at my closet in confusion wondering what on earth am I going to wear that I haven’t worn 50 gazillion times in the past 2 weeks.

2. Girl Power. I don’t want to go all Spice Girls on you, but women are pretty amazing. We are the breadwinners, parents, best friends, chefs, and marathon runners (whoop whoop!) all while wearing a sexy pair of stilettos. Sorry boys I don’t see you doing all that.

3. Smart = Cool. Probably the best thing I learned from high school was that you should never be afraid to show off your intelligence. The better you did in school, the cooler you were. I hands down believe my high school gave me the backing to pursue my PhD in psychology. Perhaps if I had gone somewhere else I might not have chosen to shoot so high or been able to handle all the pressures.

4. Female Athletes. Now here’s a confession about me – I never played sports. Yea it still irks me to this day I never played a single team sport. I think I was too scared or intimidated by all the amazing athletes I had at school. One of them being Jenny! She was an amazing basketball and field hockey player. Seeing the healthy competitiveness and camaraderie amongst players really shaped how I characterize “beautiful.” Pretty isn’t just skinny, it’s more about how healthy you are and how far you can push your body.

5. Amazing friends. Being surrounded by women let me make amazing friendships with people. In fact, I even married one of my high school friend’s brother! I can’t quite put my finger on why these friendships are different, but maybe it’s the fact we all got to know each other without makeup and minus the pressure of boys. We just got to be us :)

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to rethink All-girls Catholic schools.

Now it’s your turn, what was high school like for you? Any other Catholic School people out there?

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