I Heart Off Days

by Jenny on April 5, 2012

I absolutely love off days during the baseball season. They mean I get to spend all day with this handsome fellow.

And we’ve had a great day so far and it’s still not over!


We started the day off with brunch at The Mill.

A cute little coffee and sandwich shop not far from our apartment that has been luring me in with it’s french toast pictures since the first time I walked by it. Inside The Mill, we found a cute little place.

With flying coffee beans on the ceiling.

And a generous drink menu to choose from.

Along with the wide variety of coffees and teas, they also offer sandwiches and some breakfast items as well.  While we waited for our food to be cooked on the spot on the grill behind the counter, we helped ourselves to self- service complimentary water.

This is something that is offered at a ton of places – even the food courts at the mall.

Another thing that is common at restaurants here is small, cocktail sized napkins.

No place gives cloth or larger napkins. You can just always find a basket of the little guys on your table. I feel like I use a million of them. I guess I’m not the world’s cleanest eater…but I’m definitely not the messiest either (::cough:: Brian ::cough::).

For our meals, Brian ordered the teriyaki chicken sandwich (which came with a scoop of ice cream on the side!!!).

While I ordered the french toast, that came with a side of caesar salad with sweet chili shrimp, flavored jam and whipped cream topping.

And a caramel cafe latte.

We also shared a chicken quesadilla.

All of the food was absolutely amazing and we will be definitely be visiting this little gem again. I noticed a free wifi sign in the window so I’m thinking some blogging and studying could be happening from there in my future.

CGV Cinema

After brunch we headed to Say Department Store to see The Hunger Games at the CGV Cinema on the sixth and seventh floors of the building.

The movie theater lobby was spacious and very nice.

When you enter, you first get a number from a touch screen machine which is your number in line to be waited on to purchase your tickets at the counter.

While Brian bought our tickets, I got in line at the concession stand for some popcorn. I stuck with a small butter but had options of garlic and caramel as well. Next time, next time.

Yeaaa this was taken post movie after I killed the popcorn but good news is that a small popcorn (that was of good size) and a bottle of water was only about $5.00. Try getting just candy at a movie theater at home for that price – good luck!

Inside the theater was very similar to any theater you would visit at home except that when you purchase your movie ticket, you purchase it for a specific seat. So every aisle and chair is marked just like at a sporting event or arena. Pretty cool.

I absolutely LOVED the movie and thought they did a great job transitioning the book onto the big screen. Even Brian really liked it and didn’t think there was one time in the movie where he thought things were dragging on. He also followed the storyline and felt he got all of the background information he needed, even though he didn’t read the books.

Two thumbs up for the Hunger Games from both of us!

You leave your movie theater through a different door than you enter from so when we came out of ours, we were lead directly to an arcade full of games.

Obviously we had to get some change and join in the fun.

We chose to play the basketball game and my pitcher showed me up at MY sport.

However, he hoarded all of the “real” basketballs!

And stuck me with…dodgeballs?!?

They didn’t even have air and were clanking off of everything before I got into a rhythm. Maaah.

After I was over my loss, we headed back into the mall to find the food court area for a snack.

That’s when we found another Dunkin Donuts. I obviously had to go in to browse and see what flavor donuts they had.

Such fun options, especially this banana creme guy!

You know that was calling my name! After Dunkin Donuts we came across another favorite of mine…Baskin Robbins. Check out how their ice cream cakes put ours back home to shame!

Now that’s what I am talking about!

Brian ended up finding another wine store to browse so I lost him to the “cellar” for a while.

After seeing the rest of what they had to offer in the food court (besides the free water and metal glasses – told ya it is everywhere!), we finally made a decision.

Afternoon Snack

Steff Hotdogs.

I had a bite of Brian’s cheese on bulgogi hot dog, which was awesome! They sell Steff hotdogs at the stadium in Incheon, so I’m glad to know now that I like them. ;)

I also had a cheese stick and a couple cajin french fries.

And then I gave in to the banana donut calling my name from across the mall.

Chocolate cake donut filled with banana creme.

That (and off days) make me one happy girl!

We just got back to the apartment and are relaxing for a bit before heading to the track when it opens back to the public this evening. I think I definitely need to get some exercise in after today’s shenanigans!


Did you like The Hunger Games?

Would you eat a banana creme donut? I won’t lie, the clear creme kind of threw me off but I couldn’t resist. So good!

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1 Jeyna Grace April 5, 2012 at 9:31 pm

All the food in this post looks delicious!


2 Jenny April 6, 2012 at 9:44 am

Thanks!! They really were!!


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