Liquid Earth

by Jenny on May 9, 2011

After work today I walked around Fells Point until it was time to meet Diana for dinner.

We had decided to try Liquid Earth, a Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurant & Juice Bar.

From the outside

I had previously checked out the menu and my curiosity was instantly peaked so I was really excited to get inside!

On the inside

On the inside, there was a long bar and a bunch of tables around for seating.  We sat ourselves in the back of the restaurant, almost immediately next to the food prep area.

Liquid Earth

All of the food is prepped to order right at the back-end of the bar.

The menu offers a wide selection of options from wraps, sandwiches, tofu, pizza, juices and smoothies all made fresh on the spot.

To start, Diana ordered the Royal Flush juice.

“pineapple, pear, ginger and aloe.”

Which came in a measuring cup with a glass on the side.  Love.

The Royal Flush

I snagged a sip and it was really good!  There are a ton of different juice options on their menu, along with smoothies, that I’m looking forward to trying.

I ordered a cup of fruit which was very fresh and cut on the spot.  The pineapple was especially delicious.


We both were torn between a few options for our entrees, so we decided to order two that we both were interested in and share.

The Picnic

“a halved baguette with true honey mustard, melted brie, walnuts, thinly sliced bermuda red onions, pears and granny smith apples.”


I’m blaming the poor lighting for how unappealing this sandwich looks in the pictures because let me tell you, to do for!  It was served warm and toasty and was amazing!  I would definitely order this again.

The Powerhouse

“muenster cheese, button mushrooms, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts stacked between 3 seed  whole wheat bread and real honey mustard.”


This was also really good.  I mean, how could it not be – look at the hunk of cheese!!!

I can’t wait to get back to Liquid Earth and try out some more items that they have to offer.

And I’m also looking forward to trying some of the smoothies, especially the peanut butter ones! ;)

Liquid Earth on Urbanspoon

After we finished dinner, we took a stroll to the heart of Fells Point for a stop at Mr. Yogato.

Mr. Yogato

This was my go-to fro yo place in Baltimore, that is until this past weekend when Yogurt Mountain opened! ;)

I ordered a cookies and cream fro yo with cheesecake pieces and chocolate chips.  Key word, ordered, no self-serve at Mr. Yogato! :(

Fro Yo

Definitely no Yogurt Mountain but still hit the spot! :)

Time to watch the rest of 90210 and Gossip Girl.  I love Monday night guilty pleasure TV!

Again, Team Bass here!

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1 Meaghan May 9, 2011 at 9:45 pm

LOVE Liquid Earth! Those sammies look delish!


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