Looking Forward to Lunch

by Jenny on May 8, 2011

All morning I couldn’t wait to get to lunch time!


Well, duh!  I love food and look forward to pretty much every meal or snack that I eat every day!

Oh, you mean besides that?

Ah, ok.  That would be because I had the two leftover pieces of last night’s pesto pizza to enjoy.

So fresh and yummy

I paired the pizza with a banana to complete the meal.

Just can't compete

However, the banana definitely paled in comparison to the pizza.

I savored every. last. bite. of both pieces.

You will be seeing this pizza again my friends!


As I mentioned this morning, today was my last day of my “taking it easy” workout week.  I seriously can’t wait to get back into a heavier workout schedule but I’m going to be careful not to over do it right off the bat and end up feeling run down and exhausted again.

Weekly Workout Schedule:

  • Monday – 1 mile run with BoMF, 3 mile run after, Jillian Michaels Six Pack Abs
    • it’s the first day for some new members of the BoMF group so we all are running their first mile as one group!
  • Tuesday – 3 mile run, Group Power class
  • Wednesday – BoMF run, additional run to get to 7 miles, Jillian Michaels Six Pack Abs
  • Thursday – 4 mile run, Core and Arm/Leg Circuits
  • Friday – 3 mile run, Jillian Michaels Six Pack Abs
  • Saturday – 10 mile run
  • Sunday – OFF

Off for the second half of the day at work before its time to celebrate my Mom!!! :)

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