Lucky Girl

by Jenny on October 9, 2012

I honestly can’t believe how lucky I am when it comes to my fiance. He sucked up yet another game of baseball and went to game #2 of the ALDS last night with my parents and me.

With how many hours of each season that baseball already consumes for him, I know that adding even more (with rain delays included) to the tally aren’t at the top of his list, however, he makes the sacrifice for me.

Although, I think that watching games at Camden Yards is actually a little bittersweet for us both. I know that it makes him miss the days that he was pitching from that mound and it definitely makes me miss the days that I was managing the game day staff. Just watching a game from that seating bowl has a completely different meaning behind it for both of us.

Good thing that nostalgic feeling wasn’t plaguing the current players last night too. Game #2 went way better for the Orioles than game #1 and they are heading to NY for the last three games of the series with it knotted at one game a piece.

After two late nights out and about, today’s busy day of wedding errands and grocery shopping is definitely making me beyond ready for bed already. Too bad the to-do list for the rest of the evening is still miles long and the day is flying by wayyy too quickly!


Is there something particular that you know your significant other tolerates only for you?

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