Medicine Ball Workout

by Jenny on February 8, 2013

I have a new workout for you today! A new workout that features the use of a medicine ball – wooohooo!!

When looking to mix up a workout, the first thing I do is switch up the exercise modality being used, which explains how this medicine ball workout came to be. I really like using medicine balls as weighted workout tools to add resistance to various exercises, especially since they do not restrict movement to one specific plane of motion. The versatility of medicine balls allows for them to be used to add weight to an exercise or even instability. In addition, medicine balls are great for power exercises when being thrown or caught while the body is in motion.

The following workout combines strength, balance and stability thanks to the medicine ball!

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Medicine balls come in a variety of weights and textures so be sure to pick an appropriate one for your athletic ability before starting this workout. Recommended weight for high-velocity movements is a lighter ball – less than 10% of your body weight (NASM Essentials of Personal Training Fitness).

Below are specific pictures and descriptions of each exercise included:

Instructions: Start with one foot lightly touching the top of the ball on the floor, quickly switch feet and repeat for 60 seconds.


Instructions: Begin in typical pushup position with one hand on medicine ball, complete 12 pushups focusing on stability before switching medicine ball to other hand.


Instructions: With outstretched legs, stabilize toes on medicine ball and lift into typical plank position.  Keep core tight.  Hold for 60 seconds.


Instructions:  Squat with medicine ball in front of chest, push through heels and rise while tossing the ball to a partner.  Catch a pass back as you return to original squat position. (If you do not have someone to catch your toss, gently toss the ball straight up and catch as you return to squat position or simply hold the ball in front of you and complete the squats without releasing it.)  Focus on keeping your knees from extending over your toes, keep core tight and sit back into the squat.  Complete 20 squats with tosses.


Instructions:  Dip into your squat position while rotating your core to one side, push through your heels and use your core to rise and twist while extending the ball over your head on the opposite side of your body.  Repeat 12 rotations in each direction.


Instructions:  Begin in a squat position with the medicine ball between your legs, swing the ball up and over your head as you stand.  Return to squat position and repeat 12 times.


Instructions:  Balance yourself on your sits bones with a tight core and legs lifted in front of you.  Rotate the ball from side to side while twisting your core.  Repeat 20 total twists.


Instructions:  Lay flat on your back with the medicine ball in outstretched arms overhead.  Use core strength to lift in a V to bring the ball and your feet to meet.  Repeat 12 times.


Instructions:  Lay on stomach with arms and legs outstretched and the medicine ball in your hands.  Press your pelvis into the floor as you lift arms and legs.  Repeat 12 times.


If you try out this medicine ball workout – let me know how you like it!!

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