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by Jenny on April 14, 2012

I attempted to take some more pictures while at tonight’s game at Munhak Stadium so I could share what more than just the stands and the field look like in the stadium; however, my camera battery started to die and I need to save it for tomorrow so I don’t have the full tour to show off.

Here are some shots from outside of the stadium on my way in…

Burger King and an OK Mart outside in right field.

The ramp to get to the upper level of the stadium is actually outside of the ballpark.

The lower concourse inside the ballpark.

Along the concourse there is an area with kids attractions, different SK baseball history and facts, restrooms and concession stands.

An interesting fact about the restrooms is that the doorways are wide open so that you can see directly into them. It doesn’t matter so much for the women’s rooms since they have stalls inside but when passing the men’s rooms, if you look the wrong way you get a view of the urinals…and their occupants.

The concession stands aren’t like the ones you find back home. That’s for sure!

They sell a variety of Korean foods, beer, coffee, hotdogs and snacks. I was super excited to see that they sell the cups with the instant coffee mix but was curious where the hot water to make them came from. I figured that when you purchased one, they would add the water for you. Wrong.

You add the water yourself! Next to the concession stands, hot water dispensers are available for not only making your coffee but also for making your bowl of noodles. You purchase the bowl itself at the stand and add your water.

How convenient! I even passed a stand on the outside of the stadium when I was leaving and, just like the inside stands, it has the hot water dispenser available. You know I will definitely be taking advantage of this for coffee regularly at the games! At least until it warms up a bit! :)

Inside the seating bowl, the ballpark was packed tonight.

The start time was earlier than last night and I guess with it being a weekend and the sun still being out for the majority of the game it drew more fans to the stadium.

Hopefully tomorrow has a big Eagles cheering section again at their afternoon game!


I left the game in the top of the 7th because it was getting a little chilly and also was hungry for my salad that I knew was waiting for me back in the hotel room!

I took the salad topped with chicken and sliced almonds that I got at Paris Baguette this afternoon and added what was left of the fruit that we couldn’t finish from last night’s late night fruit platter.

Together they made the perfect meal!

I used the dressing that came from the salad and just dipped my fork to get a taste with each bite instead of adding it on top of the salad itself. It was so nice to get some crisp greens and fruit into my belly!

The game is over now, another 1-0 loss (womp! womp!), so I’m waiting for B to make his way back to the hotel. We are planning a low-key night since someone has his big Korean baseball pitching debut tomorrow!!! Ekkk!! I can’t wait! :)

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