Morning Hike

by Jenny on June 26, 2012


Telli and I started our morning off with a walk at Liberty Dam.

He was so excited when we got there, since this is where Aunt Jeremy and Uncle Shane often take him on walks, and I could barely keep up with his craziness!

We made the 1.8 mile trek to the Reservoir before taking a little break to enjoy the view for a few minutes.

And then turned around and retraced our steps to make it back to the car. I had one happy but tired puppy on the way home!

The weather this morning was amazing, not quite 70°, which kept our walk from getting too hot and uncomfortable. At least I thought so…

…apparently this guy needed a little cool down and headed directly to one of the air vents when we got back home. He is seriously too much!


After Telli and my morning walk, I put together another cantaloupe, blueberry and spinach protein smoothie. This combo is seriously SO good. I can’t wait to try mixing other fruits with the cantaloupe too.

I made sure to check the new bag of Dole spinach that I opened for the Big Apple Getaway game piece before just tossing any of the leaves into the blender.

Yep, that would be what I blended into my smoothie on Saturday – Awesome!


Does your pet have any crazy animal antics or habits?

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