Over-Analytical Men

by Jenny on July 28, 2012

Last night at Brian’s game, I was lucky enough to sit in front of a group of guys who were out for “guys night”.

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Apparently my interpretation of guys night and what I assumed was talked about and done on these nights was totally off base.

Being at the ballpark for the game is something I would expect for a guys night out but the never-ending conversation about the new relationship that the one guy was in was not what I expected. I never knew guys got so anxious about making sure they said the right thing in a text message and over-analyzed every move a girl makes or every word she says!

Don’t get me wrong, these were decent looking guys that would appear to have no trouble chatting a girl up or playing it cool – apparently not! They sounded like high-school girls debating over what to say back, how to word it and when exactly to push send.

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One friend’s suggestion was to send the following (unprompted) message:

“It’s soooo hot out here but at least the beer is cold and I’m having a great time with the guys.”

I wanted to turn around and lend some advice but I didn’t want to embarrass them anymore than they were already embarrassing themselves. ;)

(Not saying these tips do or do not work, guys! Just found it humorous that YouTube has texting advice – however, I shouldn’t be surprised!)

I mean, overall though, I guess it makes me feel better about the 1,000+ conversations that I have had with my girlfriends over the years:

“Ohmygosh, he said ‘talk to you later’, do you think that means he is going to call?!”

Hey ladies – we aren’t alone in the over-analyzing and paranoid ways! I had to laugh at the whole situation and thank Brian for ending that phase of “dating” for me! :)


Guys – do you over-analyze your relationships with girls or are you one cool dude?

Girls – does this surprise you about guys?

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