Personal Records:

5K – 23:04 (7:25 pace)
6K – 30:39 (8:13 pace)
5 Mile – 40:03 (8:00 pace)
10K – 48:33 (7:48 pace)
7 Mile – 58:01 (8:18 pace)
10 Mile – 1:26:32 (8:39 pace)
12 Mile – 1:41:31 (8:28 pace)
Half Marathon – 1:46:57 (8:10 pace)
Marathon – 4:08:36 (9:29 pace)

Race Recaps & Times:

The Color Run 5K
Atlantic City, NJ
October 19, 2013
Untimed Race

Baltimore Running Festival – Marathon Relay
Baltimore, MD
October 12, 2013
4:12:46 (9:38 pace)

Blazer Dash 5K
Towson, MD
September 29, 2013
23:51 (7:42 pace)
2nd Place Division Finish

SHG FallFest 5K
Reisterstown, MD
September 28, 2013
23:57 (7:44 pace)
1st Female Finisher Overall
T-4 Finisher Overall

Fort McHenry Tunnel 5K
Baltimore, MD
September 15, 2013
23:42 (7:39 pace)
6th Female Finisher Overall
2nd Place Division Finish

Back to Football 5K
Baltimore, MD
September 4, 2013
24:45 (7:58 pace)

Charles Street 12
Baltimore, MD
August 10, 2013
1:41:31 (8:28 pace)

Baltimore, MD
June 23, 2013
22:10 (7:10 pace)
*short course

CoolKids Campaign 5k
Towson, MD
June 2, 2013
35:59 (11:36 pace)

Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon
Annapolis, MD
June 1, 2013
1:50:53 (8:37 pace*)
*Course was short .25 mile for a 12.85 mile race resulting in a slower actual pace

Fiesta 5K
Baltimore, MD
May 4, 2013
23:04 (7:25 pace)

Sole of the City 10K
Baltimore, MD
April 20, 2013
48:33 (7:48 pace)

Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run
Washington, D.C.
April 7, 2013
1:26:32 (8:39 pace)

Kelly’s Dream Trail Race 5K
Towson, MD
March 23, 2013
26:04 (8:23 pace)

Bolt Run 5 Miler
Tampa, FL
March 9, 2013
40:03 (8:00 pace)

Suncoast Classic 10K
St. Petersburg, FL
March 2, 2013
52:18 (8:25 pace)

Runner’s World Half Marathon
Bethlehem, PA
October 21, 2012
1:57:04 (8:56 pace)

Runner’s World 10K
Bethlehem, PA
October 20, 2012
52:45 (8:29 pace)

Runner’s World 5K
Bethlehem, PA
October 20, 2012
27:32 (8:52 pace)

Oklahoma City Downtown Dash 10K
Oklahoma City, OK
June 2, 2012
52:50 (8:30 pace)
2nd Place Division Finish

Rock ‘N’ Roll Last Vegas Half Marathon
Las Vegas, NV
December 4, 2011
2:05:35 (9:35 pace)

Nike Women’s Marathon
San Francisco, CA
October 16, 2011
4:08:36 (9:29 pace)

Blazer Dash 5K
Towson, MD
September 25, 2011
38:32 (12:26 pace)

Disneyland Half Marathon
Anaheim, CA
September 4, 2011
1:54:55 (8:46 pace)

Mayfair Festival 5K
Allentown, PA
May 28, 2011
26:00 (8:22 pace)

Florida Beach Halfathon
Ft. De Soto, FL
March 20, 2011
1:46:57 (8:10 pace)
3rd Place Division Finish

Disney World Half Marathon
Lake Buena Vista, FL
January 8, 2011
1:53:58 (8:40 pace)

Crossroads@95 5K
White Marsh, MD
October 23, 2010
23:32 (7:33 pace)

Baltimore Half Marathon
Baltimore, MD
October 16, 2010
1:50:40 (8:25 pace)

Warrior Dash
Quarryville, PA
October 9, 2010
33:53:05 (10:54 pace)

Blazer Dash 5K
Towson, MD
September 26, 2010
25:08 (8:05 pace)
1st Place in Division

Run with the Horses 10K
Hunt Valley, MD
September 24, 2010
49:18 (7:56 pace)

Survivor Harbor 7
Baltimore, MD
June 13, 2010
58:01 (8:18 pace)

MAC Half Marathon
Hereford, MD
May 9, 2010
1:54:20 (8:44 pace)

Port to Fort 6K
Baltimore, MD
April 25, 2010
30:39 (8:13 pace)

Race For the Cure 5K
Hunt Valley, MD
October 14, 2007
34:48 (11:12 pace)

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1 charmcityeats August 19, 2011 at 11:57 am

I need some running/race advice. I’m a newbie runner and have been training, yesterday I did my longest to date – 6 miles, I know it’s not that long haha, but it was tough. What is your advice of food/nutrition related to running? I need to find my time and food combo that gives me the most energy. Like how far in advance to eat or what to eat. Sometimes I run and have endless energy but like yesterday right after starting my legs were weak!! Drives me crazy.


2 Jenny August 19, 2011 at 12:25 pm

I’m going to shoot you an email with what works for me!!


3 Kim February 22, 2012 at 5:44 pm

Hi Jenny – I recently joined your blog and found this old post today when looking at all the races you’ve done…bravo to you! I am in the same situation as ‘charmcityeats’ and would love to get some insight from you about eating and running/jogging. I am prepping for my first half marathon and ran my first 5 miles (first time i’ve ever run that far in my life) this past weekend. It was the first run where I thought I’d try using the something for energy replacement to see how I liked it. Well, I tried the jelly belly brand energy beans, and almost choked trying to eat them while running…won’t be doing that again. I see why people like the gel now. Anyway, any tips and tricks you can share would be great, as I am completely new to running. Thanks!


4 Jenny February 23, 2012 at 10:53 am

Yay!! I always love to hear that people have picked up the running bug!! Ill shoot you an email with some things that seem to work for me!


5 somethingclevercupcakes April 18, 2012 at 3:02 am

Wow congratulations on all of these races! This is very inspirational. I have been running off an on for quite some time as a hobby, but I’m most interested in signing up for some races.


6 Jenny April 18, 2012 at 12:29 pm

definitely consider signing up for a race!! Even just a 5K…its nice motivation and just puts a fun twist on running…a little competitive kick never hurt anyone! Even if you are just racing yourself during it!


7 somethingclevercupcakes April 18, 2012 at 10:10 pm

I totally agree with that! I just signed myself up for a 10k at the end of may. Looking forward to it!


8 골수한화 이선복 May 22, 2012 at 11:13 pm

안녕하십니까!저는 한화이글스팬입니다
제가 영어 어디에 글을 올리는지 를몰라 이렇게 한국어로 글을남깁니다
뉴스로 접하게된 배스부인에 글읽고 이렇게 글을올립니다
우선 배스부인께서 침착하게 대응해주셔서 한국인으로
한화팬으로 너무나 죄송하고 너무너무 미안합니다
좋은기억만 가져가기에도 모자란 시간몰상식한 팬에대해
진심으로 마음이아프네요
배스가 모자라서가 아닌 원래계시던 곳과 다른환경에 힘들었을것
을생각목하고 저런 무식한망언을 한 팬은 잊으시고 부디 남은시간 즐거움과 좋은 기억만 간직하길 한국인으로 한화팬으로 빌겠습니다 부디
언잖은 마음 비우시고 너그러이 저희 한국 한화 조은 기억만 가져 주십시요 언제나 한켠에서 배스를 응원하겠습니다


9 HG May 23, 2012 at 1:55 am

Hi! I am a Korean, but I live in US, now.
And, I am a crazy fan of Eagles.
I saw your family’s news. Especially, I knew one Korean who is crazy fan of Eagles replied badly on your web site.
When I heard that, I feel awful. Please, understand. Even though one Korean did, many Korean people is good. I hope your family has good memories from Korea! And, I pray God bless your family


10 Matt Day October 17, 2013 at 4:12 pm

What an amazing accomplishment!!! I was looking for you on TV as I watched live coverage of the race. This is truly an exhibition of perseverance and determination!!!



11 Jenny October 17, 2013 at 9:55 pm

Thanks, Matt!!!


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