Ramada Songdo – Incheon

by Jenny on May 22, 2012

The hotel that we stayed at while Brian was playing in Incheon was another Ramada, similar to the one we stayed at in Cheongju, The Ramada Songdo.

Like the Ramada Plaza in Cheongju, the Ramada Songdo had a lot to offer in the terms of amenities and restaurants but again, like the Ramada Plaza, it fell short in some areas as well.

The lobby isn’t as grand as the one in the Plaza but it still had ornate decorations and gives off an elegant feel.


The rooms at Songdo were spacious and clean, yet aging. The bathrooms were showing signs of age along with the dingy sheets that had the occasional tear from over-use and countless washings. Stains on the carpet showed off its age as well.

The king size bed made for more than comfortable sleeping accommodations for us.

And the large windows allowed for plenty of natural light to keep the room bright during the day.

There was ample drawer and counter space available for unpacking (which we rarely did in any hotel except Cheongju since our stays were short) and a decent “mini bar” for snacks and drinks, with complementary tea, coffee and bottled water. A hot pot was available for heating water for the coffee and/or tea as well, as literally would have hot water for you in a matter of seconds.

A fridge was available inside one of the lower cabinets which definitely proved useful for us for chilling water and keeping any food that we may have been traveling with fresh.

The bathrooms were extremely small and we ended up using the decent counter space in the room to store all of our bathroom toiletries so we weren’t knocking them into the sink (or toilet!) on a regular basis.


Outside of the room, Songdo offered a variety of different restaurants. Off of the first floor lobby, there was a Japanese Restaurant, Haru, along with a Korean Restaurant, Maru, and also a coffee shop, The Gray, that served lunch and dinner.

A small deli (bakery to us) was positioned in the lobby and offered baked goods like fresh cakes and breads.

On the 12th floor of the hotel, you could find the buffet, Belle Vue, which offered breakfast, lunch and dinner, with Western fare available at all.

And, of course, room service was available to all guests from 7:00 am. until 11:30 p.m. and offered a variety of mostly Western food.


On the basement level of the hotel there is a spa, barber shop, custom tailor, night club, karaoke room and fitness room.

The fitness room offered all of the basics that you would want to find in a fitness center while offering ample space to complete your workouts.

Free weights, circuit machines and plenty of cardio machines were all available.

Along with a “mini golf” area, similar to (but not as high-tech) as the one found in the Ramada Plaza.


The staff here was very pleasant and willing to help with whatever you may need.  On our first trip to Incheon, we were originally put into a room with two small beds and within minutes of calling they had a moved into a room with a king sized bed, obviously more suitable for us, with no fuss at all.

The majority of the members spoke some English and if they couldn’t decipher your request, they would find another staff member that was fluent in English to assist you.

Outside Area

The area around the hotel had a lot of restaurants and bars along with a couple convenient stores within walking distance which definitely came in handy.

We enjoyed walking the hilly streets and observing the different restaurants and bars and dined at the Green Tomato on our first trip to town.

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1 S. Kim May 22, 2012 at 11:40 pm

Hi Jenny. I’m one of the Korean baseball fan. Please forget about these ruthless and rude people. They just bit of baseball fan, not all of them. I’m sorry for your husband didn’t make any result in Korea. But he can get another chance in someday!! Ceeer up!!


2 kim jin woo May 23, 2012 at 12:16 am

hello,I like bass.bass is slow starter.bass is not luck…jenny.bass is good player.thank you bess,thank you jenny…bye.i’ll miss you…


3 Kibum Kim May 23, 2012 at 1:03 am

Jenny, the way I see it, you are one of the most graceful persons. The way you deal with bad comments on your husband, it shows you are a very nice person. I wish your experience in Korea was better. I am a Korean American living in Kansas. Yet, since I am from Daejon, I follow Eagles’ games. I regret many things about the team, but not any one player. At any rate, I am sorry that you will leave Korean with such an unpleasant memory. May God bless you and your family!


4 eagles fan May 23, 2012 at 3:13 am

Jenny on behalf of other eagles fan, I am sorry you had to see that awful comment made by someone who obviously did not understand what sports mean – its about winning at times but equally is about losing also. Though we both know we wanted to see Brian’s excellent pitching at eagles, I am sadden to see that it did not work out in the end. But I wish you both a great future – who knows perhaps we will get to see Brian again at Korea in future. Hope you all had a great time in Korea. Send Brian our warm regards and goodbye. -eagles fan


5 BlueWind May 23, 2012 at 3:34 am

Agree. Don’t let the one rotten apple ruin everything for you! Usually the vocal fans are the angry ones… the rest of the silent fans wish you and Brian the best.


6 another eagles fan May 23, 2012 at 7:50 am

No offense but eagles fans has suffered enough from your husband’s DL absence, AND HIS PRESENCE ON THE MOUND as he wasn’t a good pitcher (you cannot deny he recorded ”era 48.60”).

still I believe you do not deserve THE malicious comment. I suggest you report it to the Korean cyber police in order to do that commenter justice.

There’s no love lost toward your husband as a baseball player. Anyway good luck to you in the future.


7 matthew May 23, 2012 at 10:31 am

Dear jenny;

I have just read article regarding your lovely blog being attacked by a rude egles fan which made me feel terrible. I have to confess that there are some minorities who critisize everything in a very inappropritate manner hidding behind anonymity under Korean internet enviroment.

I would like to mention that I was mcuh impressed by your mature manner to resond to such a bully.

You might be right about ” One bad apple can ruin a bunch” but I hope that we can try to look at the bright side of it.

Please deliver eagles fans’ warmest regrads to brian. I hope you both be happy and stay healthy.



8 이윤구 May 23, 2012 at 12:54 pm

I’,m eagles fan
I love Brian Michael Bass.
Hope you always happy!!!x9999999

read the my sentence thank you very much.
^o^ !!


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