Soccer Conditioning

by Jenny on October 4, 2012

Around mid-summer, before I left for Oklahoma, I did a mini training session with a family of girls that I used to babysit for (my junior bridesmaids in the wedding) and one of their friends. I turned our side lawn into a training facility and we did different core, strength and speed exercises.

Their mom had asked me if I would do sessions for their sports teams but at the time, I was leaving town and wasn’t officially certified as a trainer yet. However, now that I am both back in town AND certified, tonight was my first conditioning session with Grace’s 10-year-old soccer team.

Brian came along to help me play drill sergeant and between the two of us, I think we gave the girls a pretty decent workout. We started the session off with a warm up, transitioned into different speed and endurance drills and worked in some soccer foot skills as well.

Since they are only 10, we made sure to schedule in plenty of recovery breaks and lots of partner work so that they weren’t over-working their little bodies…we had so much fun and I’m already looking forward to working with the girls’ basketball teams this winter! :)


After practice, we took Grace and Lizzie to meet their dad and sister at Chick-fil-A for dinner. Since we were already there and all, we decided to just make it our dinner as well.

However, maybe we should have come home had pancakes like our original plan…

Your cash back, two warm cookies and coupons for future chicken sandwiches is what you get when you find not one, but two dead flies cooked into your chargrilled nuggets. Gross.


Have you ever found bugs in your food while eating out?

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1 tina October 4, 2012 at 9:39 pm

they are chocolate chips right they are not moving are they.


2 Jenny October 9, 2012 at 5:46 pm

definitely not moving since they were COOKED right in….ugh!


3 Life's a Bowl October 5, 2012 at 2:37 pm

Oh gross! Breakfast for dinner is always a winner, this confirms it :P


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