by Jenny on July 2, 2012

This morning’s yoga class was all about surrendering. Surrendering into poses. Surrendering into breathing. Surrendering into the practice.

Before class was over, as we were surrendering into our pigeon pose, the instructor began to relate the surrender theme to life situations as well, emphasizing how sometimes it is easier to just surrender to something instead of continuing to stress yourself out about that particular thing or situation.

The example that she used was from a book she recently read where the author was constantly irritated by his family members leaving the dirty cat food bowl in the sink. He would harp on his family to rinse the dish and not leave the wet cat food sitting unattended because it bothered him to no end. However, eventually, he realized that the cat dish in the sink was not killing or harming anyone and learned to surrender to the situation. By allowing himself to surrender, he was able to learn to adapt to the dish being in the sink, therefore, taking away the stress of getting worked up about it day after day.

I know there are plenty of small things like this that I sometimes harp too strongly on. Things such as chairs not being pushed in at the table or beds being left unmade, so from here on out I’m going to try to surrender to those little things that aren’t life or death situations…something I’m sure Brian is going to appreciate! ;)


This morning’s 90 minute Vinyasa class was much-needed. It helped me to sweat out the lasts of the alcohol remaining in my system from Saturday night’s Bachelorette Party and also rejuvenated me. For some reason, waking up this morning was worse than waking up yesterday morning. Talk about delayed onset exhaustion!


After yoga I put together a quick egg sandwich for breakfast. One fried egg, pepperjack cheese and strawberry jelly.

My single egg pan is dirty (dishes are currently piled in my sink – awesome!) so my egg was a little large for the English muffin.

Tasted just the same but was a little messier than usual. No biggie.


What is one thing that you would like to surrender to more in your every day life?

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