A Whole New Level

February 26, 2013

Before I get to sharing workout two of my new split-routine workout system, let me share a little more love for Chobani. I know I just raved about their Chobani Bite yogurt but now I have one more thing to compliment them for – their Key Lime Crumble. (click image for original source) Ever since [...]

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Chobani Love

February 20, 2013

Something that I’m totally loving right now? Chobani bites. (click image for source) I’ve tried all of the flavors so far except for the Fig with Orange Zest and each has gained my affection for sure. I think my favorite is probably the Coffee with Dark Chocolate, hence why they were the first to disappear [...]

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Alumni Action

December 9, 2012

Yesterday Brian and I, along with our friends Jeremy and Shane, made our way to Jeremy and my Alma Mater, Washington College, for our alumni basketball game. Even though it was a huge celebration for the men’s team this year (their 100th year of collegiate men’s basketball!), the girls were still able to put together [...]

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A Little Christmas

December 5, 2012

Last night Brian and I finally broke out our Christmas decorations and got the holiday started in our house. There is nothing I like more at this time of year than walking through a house with touches of Christmas throughout. Every night from now until Christmas we get to sit by the lit tree and [...]

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The Animal

November 29, 2012

Breakfast It’s been way too long since Kodiak Cakes were made in this house so this morning I whipped up a batch for Brian and me for breakfast. I topped mine with syrup and a new pumpkin spice spread that I picked up on a whim in Giant last week. Perfect addition! As an early [...]

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Miss Now Mrs.

November 19, 2012

Wow. Back to a normal routine at home. As nice as the honeymoon was, I think this may be even nicer. It’s time to slip back in to everyday life with my new husband. Workout First thing on the “back to a routine” agenda was a workout. We had a couple of days in St. [...]

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Crime Victims & Witnesses

October 24, 2012

Nothing like waking up bright and early to a police accident report stuffed in your screen door.  I’d prefer not to wake up wondering what crime I was a victim or or witnessed… Telli was very unsettled and barking a little past midnight last night, which is unusual for him, and we heard the back [...]

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