Pesto Chicken Salad

February 19, 2013

Over the weekend, Brian and I had pesto pasta with shrimp for dinner one night. I used the pesto recipe from the Vitamix recipe book which made enough to cover one pound of pasta. Obviously, the two of us weren’t going to eat an entire pound of pasta ourselves so meals ever since have been [...]

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Ornate Ornaments

December 5, 2012

Workout So this morning’s workout that was planned to work strength moves in with mile repeats didn’t happen quite that way. A workout still took place only the distraction of yesterday’s General Hospital kept me only running for 3.6 miles. Maybe some strength training will come tomorrow. Lunch After my workout and some errands, lunch [...]

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Ceremony is Set!

October 11, 2012

Our wedding ceremony is officially 100% set. Music has been picked and confirmed with the organist and the rest of the ceremony itself has been set and confirmed with our presiding Monsignor! That meant the rest of the morning was spent doing a mock-up of our final program. One more thing to cross off of [...]

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The Morning After

October 4, 2012

Since we have a decent amount of guests that are coming in from out-of-town for our wedding, we are putting on a brunch for those staying at the hotels that are hosting our guests downtown. Yesterday was the final day to reserve hotel rooms under our designated block so now that we have a total [...]

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Peak Training

September 19, 2012

Workout One month and one day until the Runners World race weekend is here and my legs are definitely beginning to feel the peak of training. They are sore. They are tired. However, they are pushing through. A couple more weeks and two more long runs and then its taper town. I started the morning [...]

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Glimpses of Gold

September 10, 2012

Workout No better way to start Monday morning than with back to back hours of exercise. 60 minutes of hot yoga 60 minutes on the treadmill After those 120 minutes I was ready to get this Monday rocking! The fact that it is a RAVENS football Monday may have also contributed to my get up [...]

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Some of the Lasts

August 27, 2012

For one of the lasts (if not THE last) of my outdoor runs here in OKC, I finally made it to the Capital Building to get a good look at it. I’ve seen it from a distance many times while driving on the highway and also during my runs but today I decided to venture [...]

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