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Thick Thighs for Health

January 12, 2012

While doing some Facebook browsing yesterday, I came across an article from Allure about thick thighs and the health benefits of them. Apparently, a recent study shows that bigger legs are found to go with better health. Bigger thighs are found to reduce the risk factors for smoking, alcohol consumption, cholesterol and more. Thinner thighs [...]

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Workout Thief

January 10, 2012

I had to work late tonight so as soon as I got home I made a quick change into workout clothes and headed right back out with Brian to the gym. Normally I’m not a fan of evening workouts and by the time I sit through the drive home all I want to do is [...]

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A Beating

January 10, 2012

Good Morning and happy Tuesday!!! I guess it is an especially happy Tuesday for all of you Crimson Tide fans out there as well! Did LSU not even show up or is Alabama’s defense just that good? I’ll go with the latter because the Tide sure did put a beating on them! (click image for [...]

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The Year of Surprises

January 9, 2012

In case you didn’t notice, I was completely MIA all weekend but with perfectly good excuse. Friday was Brian’s 30th birthday and with the help of my family and some friends, I was able to pull off the ultimate surprise party for him. I’ll have to full rundown on the party for you later today [...]

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