Using the Wall

by Jenny on August 24, 2012

At this afternoon’s yoga class, the instructor had us use the wall to assist and guide us in a number of different poses.

It was definitely beneficial to really see what adjustments I had to make to get my hips aligned, etc., however, I definitely left some yellow toenail polish behind on the wall.


They weren’t that pretty to begin with (thank you running shoes) but I guess this is just one more reason why I should get to the nail salon for a pedicure soon!


I couldn’t wait to get home from yoga class for lunch – I was starving – so I went with the first thing I could think of that was simple and quick.

Egg and cheese on toasted English muffin.

I love, love, love full fat cheese. Look how gooey and delicious! Forget that reduced fat and fat-free stuff! ;)

On the side I had a handful of strawberries straight from the container!


Do you prefer full fat cheese or reduced fat/fat free?

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