Wedding – Girls Getting Ready

by Jenny on December 13, 2012

As promised, the rest of the wedding recaps are underway and will be making appearance here on a sporadic basis now – starting with today’s installment of “Wedding – Girls Getting Ready”!

(picture by Richard Veytsman Photography)

On the morning of the wedding, all of the girls in the wedding party met bright and early at my parents’ house for hair, makeup and the rest of the girly stuff that comes along with getting ready for a wedding!

(picture by Richard Veytsman Photography)

By 6:30 a.m. the first person was seated in the makeup chair and not long after that people were rotating in to the three hair chairs and stylist were working away.

Every girl in the wedding party from Flower Girl to Mother of the Bride (totaling 14!) had their hair and makeup professionally done so you can imagine the chaos that was taking place in the Man Cave that morning!

(picture by Richard Veytsman Photography)

Make up, hair supplies and coffee was littered everywhere!

Between the excitement of the day and the multiple Dunkin Donuts “Boxes of Joe” that were circling among us, everyone was buzzing. Well, almost everyone. Apparently Gracie isn’t into all of the girly stuff just yet!

(picture by Richard Veytsman Photography)

While we were getting ready, the Bridal Party surprised me with a gift that they all personally contributed to and was so “me”.

Obviously they don’t know me very well…. ;)

A scrapbook compiled of individual pages from each girl, full of pictures and memories from times we have spent together. Such the perfect keepsake! I’ve gone back and looked through it at least 10 times already since the wedding day!

Sometime in the midst of the craziness, our photographer arrived and began taking pictures of the stereotypical girly morning along with shots of our dresses waiting to be worn and the rest of the details of my wedding day attire.

(above pictures by Richard Veytsman Photography)

Once everyone had hair and makeup complete, we had a few moments of downtime before it was time to start changing from our custom LoveEatRun shirts (from the girls’ presents!) into our dresses for the day!

(above pictures by Richard Veytsman Photography)

I tried my best to just enjoy the entire morning with my mom, sister and best friends and actually was beyond calm through the entire process. No stress over hair or makeup or where the flowers were or how much time we had until departure. Everything was smooth sailing and numerous people commented on how calm, cool and collected I was for a bride. That is until I was getting into my dress…

(picture by Richard Veytsman Photography)

As my mom and sister were helping to secure my dress, I had my one and only panic attack of the day. I’m not one for being still for long periods of time and it seemed like forever as they were lacing my dress and making sure it was perfect.

(picture by Richard Veytsman Photography)

I kept asking for time updates and began to stress when I heard it was 12:07 p.m. – In order to stay on my “time schedule” for the day, the guys had to be in the limo and on the way to the church at 12:15 p.m. and Brian and I still had not taken our pre-wedding photos together. Enter a tiny window of Bridezilla, but within 15 minutes I was laced up, a button was sewn onto the Father of the Groom’s tux coat, Brian and my photos were snapped and the men were on their way to the church!

Next up…the Bride and Groom’s pre-wedding moment.

*Make-up Artist: Jen Siedel
*Hair Stylists: From Thomas’ Salon

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1 Stephanie Lang December 13, 2012 at 10:24 am

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! I gave Amanda a little help with the scrapbook page she did for you. I hope you liked the page she did.

You made a beautiful bride!

Hope to see you soon, Stephanie


2 Jenny December 13, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Mom told me that you helped with Amanda’s page! It is beautiful :)


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