Whoa! Temperature Drop

by Jenny on May 4, 2011

Today’s temperature on the dash on the ride home for lunch was a lot different than yesterday’s!


Good thing a yummy lunch could make up for the cold weather outside!


For today’s lunch I put together wrap filled with:

  • deli turkey
  • black olives
  • santa fe cooking cream
  • guacamole
  • salsa
  • spinach

First, I spread the cooking cream over the tortilla and topped with the turkey.  I then added the guac on top followed by the spinach, black olives and salsa.

I tightly wrapped the tortilla around the goods and then added it to the preheated panini maker.

I closed the lid and let the panini maker do it’s thing for about two minutes before opening it back up to find a slightly toasted, warm panini wrap!

On the side I enjoyed some cheddar popchips and grapes!



Perfect mix of flavors!!

Totally loving the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cooking Cream that I picked up on a whim last night at the store.  So good!!!  :)

Off to an afternoon fullll of meetings!!!

Trying a new to the area deli tonight for dinner with my sister, can’t wait!!  Review to follow, of course!!! :)

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